ED Harding is Back!

Ed, is back and blogging tonight. Do you really want to be successful? Question number one is decide what is your burning desire, once you know the answer to this question you have a direction. You can begin to develop a plan just from that. My passion; Sales. I mention this profession because it is the area where you can set and attain goals only few people only dream of. Years ago I taught Tony Robbins, the worlds #1 most sought after motivator, the art of selling and the power of influence when he was just starting out. I have put all of those principles in a book I wrote titled, The Lost ARt of Direct Sales.

I lay down the secrets in THE LOST ART OF DIRECT SALES that took him from “starting with nothing – driving a 1957 Desoto that had to be started with a screwdriver” all the way to becoming an eight figure salesman. Tony, who as a teenager, I give him his first sales job, was gracious enough to pen the book’s foreword for me. I can tell you that at its core, I’ll teach you the most important and fundamental psychological principals and techniques of influencing.

It did my best to make it the most complete and practical sales guide fit for any salesman on your team or on your sales force. There are so many powerful tips and techniques that will help you in your business immediately that I will begin to blog each week beginning with the ones that I think are the most important.