Arrival in Avalon

Today is the day we got to finally take my beautiful 80 Foot Yacht, “La Crea Usted”, to Avalon. We will attempt to spend two months in Catalina Island on as I previously stated the most beautiful boat in it’s size range. I have even installed Seakeepers, which most people (even those who are boaters) would not know are stabilazing devices that keep the boat from rocking, and that makes it very ctomfortable to be at sea. This is a well deserved respite from providing housing to the poor which is my occupation, and I can tell you that this is no small feat, I can tell you. But It interesting to note that the very poor, (I mean the poorest people in the state) like the very rich are extreamly demanding. Our politions have created an underclass who thi nk that everything should be done for them. When I went into the affordable housing business, I thought that I could provide a service to society and make a profit at the sametime, after all just because someone was poor that did not make them bad, including all races colors and something I didn’t realize was the attitude of entitlement along with the Gangs. All of this I discovered after investing millions of my own but also millions of my investers money.

Buy my story when I tell you that my wife and I along with our staff of supervisory people work hard beyond belief to provide housing to almost a thousand families.

Back to arriving in Avalon today, a glorious well earned arrival. The ocean is flat and the Island of Catalina is beautiful and we are glad as well as fortunate to be here in this little paradise twenty-six miles off of the California Coast. The sun is out and I feel very blessed that God has allowed me to experience this in my life. President Obama tells me that I didn’t to this. Well I sure would like to know WHO DID do this. I know it wasn’t him. We will enjoy our vacation and try not to feel that we don’t deserve it or didn’t earn it.

So here we are.  Captain Jack is putting the finishing touches on the boat so it is ready to be at sea for two months.

I thank God that I am privileged to be here, and I must remember to live in the NOW and absorb every second of JOY that I can; RIGHT NOW-HERE-TODAY AND NOT WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE, OR THE PRESENT. My goal is to live in the now and suck every second of joy I can out of this very second. And welcome to Avalon.

Goodbye for now…