My Website Is Finally “Live”

This has been a journey, setting up the infrastructure so that my blog could transfer directly to my website. Hopefully now I will be able to blog effectively; this is a test blog. I think that every blog should have some content that is valuable, therefore, let’s talk about success.

Everyone of us has hopes and dreams. The goal, ( I have talked about goals, but have not even begun to really deal with them) over our life is to be able to live our hopes and dreams in reality. Those of us who develop a success consciousness do so by obtaining a Burning Desire. Desire is the starting point of all Achievement, but there is a difference between wishing for success and being ready to accomplish it. No matter what may be one’s desire, no one is ready until they believe they can achieve it. A person’s state of mind must be that of a true believer — not simply wishing or hoping. Open-mindedness is essential for belief. Those with closed shut down mentalities will not inspire the faith, courage, and real belief that will be required to become successful no matter what your definition of success is. Imagine success as the Pacific Ocean and you could go to the water’s edge to get it. Would you bring a coffee cup or a tanker truck? A person could begin as a mechanic and wind up owning a chain of shops, or a teacher could wind up owning a private school that would really teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. That’s enough for now; more next time.