Well, now we’ve done it.

Electing Barack Obama to a second term, may be the biggest mistake we’ve ever made. This man is anti-business,against free enterprise and stands for every reason our Founding Fathers revolted against King George of England, We are the American Republic, we are not a European Democracy. The fact is that the American people are actually so stupid, that I bet not one person in 100 can tell you (if asked) what is the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. What is the difference between a Democracy and a Republic? I bet you the reader do not know the answer to that question. I’m not going to tell you, if you thirst for real Knowledge go find out for yourself.

Actually I wouldn’t mind elaborating on this subject, because the difference is really significant. Due to the fact that the creators of The United States Of America, and those who believe in and actually understand The American Dream, know that America is a Republic, not a Democracy. Although the two terms have been misused to the point where the difference is undistinguishable. We have confused the difference to the point where the average American Citizen does not even know the difference. If you don’t believe me go to google and check the two forms of government. you will find that although they are similar, they are two compleatly different and distinguishable forms of government.

Our Country(America) is evolving in the worng direction. We should be fostering and growing Human Beings who are self reliant, independant, and not looking to have the government solve all their problems from cradle to grave. The dignity of mankind must be maintained. We cannot have our citizenry exist expecting entitlements to fulfill their every need. As we head down this path, people are getting lazier, fatter, dumber, and weaker. This type of culture does not motivate the great leaders America needs, it actually stifles the entrepreneurial spirit of those who would be the creaters of new small businesses, that in the past have created the mass number of new jobs that have enabled the American economy to grow and the American Dream to survive. I invite your comments. My email address is eh3491@gmail.com

More to come from the universal conscious of Ed Harding.


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