Back to where is the Leadership

Here is an example of an area where good leadership could create all kinds of benefits. ENERGY, if I were President of the United States I would set a national goal. Just the same as JFK did when he became President, The goal he set was to put a man on the moon. This goal was accomplished in 9 years.

If Mitt Romney defeated Obama and became President-elect. In addition to immediately repealing Obama-care. Which has stolen 700 billion from medi-care

He  set a national goal, by declaring that America would  become energy-independent within the next ten years. Let’s think about it, including other resources such as solar and wind etc. If the U.S. Government turned private enterprise loose to drill for Natural Gas, (remember they must protect our environmrnt), the changes would be un believable. First think of the million jobs that would be created, also consider the ancillary jobs such as Dry Cleaners and Nail Salons etc.

My cousin Robert A Hefner is one of the largest independent Natural Gas producers in the world, He discovered about 300 square miles of Natural Gas in Elk City, Oklahoma, probably enough gas to run this whole country for about 50 years, maybe more. He was also involved in the discovery of a big gas field called Potato Hill, (or sometning similar). According to Mr. Hefner the U.S. continent containes a virtually unlimited supply of clean burning Natural Gas. The equivalent cost related too a gallon of gasoline to fill your gas tank at the pump would be about $1.50 vs $4.10. Our leaders should be able to recognize the path that best serves the people, that’s why we elected them.

It seems that we are looking for Celebrities who spin truth, send our middleclass jobs to third world countries in order to create a world economy which guts and eliminates our middle class. We are being robbed, beaten, dummed-down, and weakened by these craven images we worship and elect to the positions of power that rule us.Down is up, and up is down. What do the American people do to correct our problem? The funny thing is that I know I could do a better job than most of  the people we have elected. Enough now more to come later.


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