The Strangest Secret

The strangest secret is not really strange and it’s not really a secret. It is universal law that has been known and taught since Socrates taught his students in ancient Greece. The simple truth is that you become what you think about 24 hours a day. The process is that the dominant thoughts of your mind reproduce themselves. Therefore, if you allow negative thoughts to control your thinking, the results will demonstrate a negative reality in your daily life. The same is true of positive thoughts; if positive thinking controls your thorught process, you will demonstrate positive results in your daily life.

Each day, our minds are bombarded by thousands of thought impulses. For example: if you watch the news, everything you see and hear will be negative. If you read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, your mind will be filled with positive thoughts. And consequently you will produce positive behavior as you take action in your daily life.

I ask myself, how do I control my thinking so that I may demonstrate a positive reality today? Thought control is absolutely necessary for any person who has a burning desire to achieve excellence. Tomorrow, I will talk about how I have learned from many wise teachers to control my own thinking, and by doing so, the inside of my head is the place where I want to live most of the time, and the resulting material reality I have achieved in my lifestyle has been worth the effort. I would like to make it clear that no one achieves perfection – progress is the goal. If you continue to progress, your life will improve. Until tomorrow, Ed Harding.


Values. They design what we are. They design the decisions we’ll make,and out of these decisions which come from our values, our life-style is created. Are you developing an excellent Value System (also known as your core belief system) that will lead you to make good decisions? These good choices will quickly demonstrate in the quality of the life-style you will soon create.