At first I was very angry when I saw the people occuping WALL STREET. Then I realized that most of the people were legitimately protesting a situation that should give cause to real anger. I don’t mean the anarchists, junkies, and all the other destructive people whose only goal was to wreak havoc on everything in sight.

I can certainly understand those young people who went to school and got educations. When I was young, a bachelor’s degree meant something. A young person with a degree could go out and get a great job which might lead to a real and lucrative career. Today those jobs have vanished, mostly overseas.  Today a bachelor’s degree will lead you to a minimum wage job.

One of the reasons is because since World War II, America has taken on the job of building or rebuilding the entire World. It all started after we had won the war and bombed Germany and Japan. We rebuilt both and then began to do the same all over the World. Not only did we rebuild cities, we exported our middle class jobs everywhere. Pretty soon our jobs were fleeing to every country that did not have unions, nor minimum wages. We simply could not compete with sweat-shop pay.

Corporations that used to have factories all over the United States outsoursed jobs to countries that produced all sorts of consumer goods much cheaper than they could in the U.S. — and that is our problem. Now, blue-collar, as well as management jobs, were going overseas and Corporations were no longer U.S. Corporations; they became Multi-National-Corporations.

In the seventies, there were constant union strikes for higher wages and greater benefits. I remember the constant strikes that forced prices up and caused inflation. We have gotten ourselves into a “rock and a hard place,” that will be very difficult to turnaround.

One category of jobs that cannot be exported are jobs that require the labor to be done in the U.S.A., such as exploration for oil and natural gas. We have natural resources that have to be produced in our own country. But they have been shutdown. WHY?

Wake up! America, let’s stand on our own two feet again. Another profession that has been forgotten is sales. Professional salespeople are never unemployed because they make money for their employers just as professional athletes.

Sales is the highest paid profession in the world! Nothing moves unless it is invested in by another person or entity who wants or needs to own the product. Salespeople are the “thoroughbred race horses” of every corporation. And they pay these thoroughbreds like Princes.

Wake up America, and be the great, inventive people we are. There is no reason for 50% of our country to be on the government dole. Even in the Great Depression people were ashamed to take money from the government.

Sell something (not drugs). Find a useful product that you believe in and learn to be a professional. There are hundreds of books that will teach you the principles and rules of influence. There are people out there waiting to teach you because if they teach you, they get override commissions on what you sell. It’s really the greatest occupation in the world.


We could create — God only knows — how many jobs in the Energy Business alone.

More to come later…

Ed Harding

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