Occupy-continued from yesterday.

As I was saying yesterday, if our country went all-out to create jobs by setting a goal of becoming energy independent in the next 10 years we could employ possibly one million people within a couple of years and generate another million ancellery jobs; it’s true it might take us a decade to become energy independent. But the natural gas and oil explorers who drill and do the geological operations would start creating jobs immediately. These explorers would begin to invest billions now.

My cousin, Robert A. Hefner III, is one such explorer.  He discovered the Anendarco natural gas fields in Elk City, Oklahoma. He also wrote a book called, “The Grand Energy Transition.” This Book is one that I have just started reading. From what I have read so far, it’s about the bridge to the ultimate form of energy which is Hydrogen. We have enough undiscovered oil and natural gas on our continent and the continental shelves to last us for hundreds of years. When I was in school I was taught that one of the things that made America strong was that we had our own natural resources to last for a thousand years, maybe more. Somewhere along the line, we started importing fuel from other countries. I don’t know why; frankly I’m not that informed. But I have a hunch that the answer fits in with the idea of the World Economy and building new consumer markets.  The result was that we explored and discovered unbelievable supplies of oil in the middle East.  We have made the middle Eastern countries rich beyond belief spending trillions and trillions of dollars for their oil.  They paid us back by nationalizing the oil companies.  Over the last quarter of a century, they have created multiple wars that have cost us additional trillions.  It’s time that we started standing on our own two feet and taking advantage of our own natural resources while keeping the jobs in America.

As I said in the beginning, this may take 10 years, but the job creation will begin immediately.  Just maybe we can dig ourselves out of the hole we’re in by buying our own energy.

Until next time,

Ed Harding

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